What It Takes To Be a Successful Manager

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  • Published : May 16, 2011
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MGT 330
FEBRUARY 7, 2011

In today’s society, in order to be a successful manager, one must attain many different attributes to manage effectively and skillfully. A successful manager must do more than just manage but simply excel above and beyond what is required. In order for one to excel he or she has to have some prior knowledge of how to organize and use certain skills to go higher than the level already achieved. Before reaching for success we first must know what success is. Using the free dictionary it defines success as the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted. So we see that something must be desired first in order to achieve. One must have a set goal or vision, otherwise there is no target to shoot for. Secondly, there must be a plan that is established that will guide the path to reach the goal that is targeted. Lastly, the goal has to be put into action. There has to be some effort seen that go beyond word of mouth or paper but put into action. Now that we have the basic meaning of success, in order to be successful we have to continue in success. There has to be an ongoing process of desiring, planning, and attempting to achieve what is being sought after. What does is it mean to be a manager? A manager is one who is in charge of directing and controlling the affairs of a business or team. For example, if I was the manager of a sports youth group I would handle the responsibility of organizing, directing, and planning the affairs of that youth group. There are many ways in which a manager can direct, organize and plan, which I will go over in this reading. There are a few steps that I believe every successful manager should follow. Each manager in the world has different types of businesses that they are leading and managing. All managers will not use the same style as the other. For example the way I manage the boys football...
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