What It Means to Be a Blackbelt

Topics: Karate, Leadership, Taekwondo Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Ryan Cloninger
Denver Tae Kwon Do
Mr. Putnam
November 8, 2009

What a Black Belt Means to Me

When I was thirteen I started taking Tae Kwon Do. I wanted to learn how to fight and break boards. I have come a long way since my first Tae Kwon Do class. As a candidate for black belt rank, I now have a different perspective of Tae Kwon Do, and different motivation for attending each class. To me a black belt consist of displaying great character, becoming a leader, and reaching your goals, and understanding the history of Tae Kwon Do. To become a true black belt, you have to look back and remember the men who started Tae Kwon Do, and understand their history.

Tae Kwon Do means the way of the fist and foot. In Tae Kwon Do you are empty handed. When empty handed you must use your hands and feet. In the early times Korean men used their hands and feet as weapons. Koreans used Tae Kwon Do for self-defense when invaders came to savage their village. Men died fighting to protect their loved ones and their homes. What once was a military form of fighting soon became a way of life for the Koreans.

The history of Tae Kwon Do has taught me that becoming a black is not about what color material you receive. Tae Kwon Do black belts never quit. They work hard to achieve goals, even when the journey is difficult. I have learned to never retreat in life, and that victory is the goal.

Becoming a black belt has always been a goal of mine. The respect and honor you gain from becoming a black belt is priceless. Knowing you worked hard for a black belt makes your accomplishment so much better. I have been taking Tae Kwon Do for over four years and am yet to have earned my black belt. The school I train under believes in working hard for the rank of black belt, and this can take a very long time. I believe the long road will make the destination that much more rewarding.

Another goal I have is to attend college at Clemson University, after...
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