What It Means to Be a Leader

Topics: Leadership, Positive psychology, Kurt Lewin Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: January 17, 2013
What It Means To Be a Good Leader

As we grow up, though we may not realize it, we are surrounded by leaders that have an impact on our lives. Some may assume that all the leaders in your life consist of authority, but truthfully, just having authority doesn’t make you a good leader. A good leader is a person that people naturally follow; they don’t follow them because authority tells them to. Keeping this in mind, it isn’t very difficult to identify the leaders in your life; it’s slightly more challenging to describe what made those role models become good leaders.

As much as we might wish otherwise, not everyone has the essential characteristics or traits that come with being a proper leader. Some of the most important ones are integrity, optimism, and consideration. Integrity is very important as it ensures that the leader puts the group in one of their first priorities, and they understand the group itself (its limitations, goals, and guidelines). Optimism is big. When all your followers gaze at their leader, they need to know they are being led by a strong individual; not someone that always dwells on the negative side of things. There is always a positive side to things and sometimes the group needs to hear it from the person they look up to. Consideration for the group is another big trait for any leader. Leaders should always be on the lookout for any problems within the group, no matter how big or small. Examples of such problems include but are not limited to, disagreements, decline in well-being, disinterest in group, and lack of team effort.

Upon receiving the role of a leader, it is essential for the leader to realize the responsibility that accompanies the honor. In some situations, a leader is responsible for each of his or her group members, and must ensure that the evolution and activity of the group is exceptional. Doing this in itself often requires a fair amount of effort, considering there are sometimes group members that simply...
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