What It Means to Be a Pv2

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  • Published : July 19, 2007
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PV2 stands for Private Second Class and is the second lowest rank in the enlisted personnel rank structure. Being a PV2 requires a Soldier to stand at the position of parade rest while addressing all ranks that are above that Soldiers rank. The Soldier is also to address all other military personnel by the name of the rank and the said Soldiers last name, but may refer to E-5's through E-7's as "Sergeant". Master Sergeants (E-8) may also be addressed as Sergeant although most commands require you to use "Master Sergeant". As a PV2 you should live out the "Soldier's Creed" each and every day. The Soldier should always remember that they are part of the team no matter how low of a rank they are. They serve the people of the United States which is one of the most honorable things any person can do. The Soldier should live up to the Warrior Ethos each an every day. Those ethos are: "I will always place the mission first", "I will never accept defeat", "I will never quit", and "I never leave a fallen comrade." The Soldier will remain disciplined at all times in all situations. The Soldier will study their Warrior Tasks and Drills and be proficient in them at all times being able to answer basic questions about basic tasks anytime they are asked. The Soldier is to always keep accountability of their equipment (and weapon when applicable). The Soldier shall always keep their appearance to military standard maintaining a presentable appearance at all times. The Soldier should also be able to define the Army Values when asked and to carry them out at all times. Those values create the Acronym of "LDRSHIP". Those letters stand for Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. As a PV2 it is the Soldiers responsibility to seek answers to questions they do not know how to answer or guidance in doing tasks that they are not sure of how to do. It is also the Soldier's responsibility to go out on their own and read the regulations about their...
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