What It Means to Be Whole

Topics: Love, Want, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: January 11, 2013
What does it mean to be whole?

Wholeness is found in Christ alone. For you to be whole you have to let God bring it to you, meaning that He will deal with the areas of your life that need wholeness. Someone who doesn’t have God in their life is existing, but not living. Until you devote and give your life to Him like He gave his life for you, you won’t see life through His eyes. It’s almost like we’re broken, like we have these gaps in our lives that we try to fill ourselves and either nothing fits in the gap or it doesn’t last. When I feel whole, I have to feel loved and feel like I matter, and what better love is there to have than His unconditional love. We search for love everywhere, whether it’s where we should or where we shouldn’t. In family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, people who don’t deserve our love and people who do. Of course you want all those sources of love and it’s great to have but some of us aren’t always fortunate enough to have them all, or any. We tend to want to replace the role of one with another, when in reality only God can fill everyone one of those roles. Christ is the ultimate comforter, and if anyone was ever alone to the point that they received no love from anyone, all they would need is His. His love is just so powerful and overflowing; it is more than anyone could ever imagine or understand. It will always be there, whether you’re ready to accept it or are pushing yourself away; He stands with his arms open. The love He gives is perfect in every aspect, He will never love more nor less, and He will never stop. Strength is essential in finding yourself, and becoming complete. To withstand whatever comes your way and stand firm in the fiercest drought and storm. It isn’t enough for that resistance to come from you, and it is such a heavy weight to carry all by yourself. When we fall it’s hard to get back up especially with all of the things we fell with still on our shoulders. Unless we hand over all the baggage to...
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