What Is I Marine Nco

Topics: Corporal, Non-commissioned officer, United States Marine Corps Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: October 21, 2010
A Marine NCO in my eyes is characterized by being a leader, hard worker, and well disciplined individual. I want to model myself after the great NCO’s that have inspired me since I have joined the Marine Corps. These Marines were there for me on every occasion. When I had just picked up LCpl I got in trouble during C school. After my Page 11 it was the NCO’s around me that kept me from giving up. The pushed me to try even harder and to learn from my mistakes to better myself. I want to be able to instill the same motivation and hope in my junior Marines. After my 22 months as a LCpl in the Marine Corps I learned a great deal from the Corporals and Sergeants who were in charge of me . They have always had a plan for every action or mission that needs to be accomplished. They have not hesitated to encourage and congratulate marines on their effort or a job well done. An NCO will go out if his or her way in order to aid, or take care of their junior Marines. As a leader it is important not to give orders you would not follow yourself, and to have your junior Marines accomplish the mission not because you told them too but because they want too. Earning Corporal in the Marine Corps is a difficult feat and demands a strong stature in order to keep subordinates in check and uphold the standards set by the fine line of NCO’s that came before you.
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