What Is a Worldview

Topics: Universe, Science, Religion Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: April 9, 2012
John Lennon of The Beatles once said, “I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something found in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It’s just that the translations have gone wrong.” This quote can be picked apart and gone over time and time again, and every time we could say it means something completely different. I wholeheartedly agree with what John Lennon said in this quote; he was a smart man, although he was uneducated. I would like to educate myself, as much as possible, while writing this paper as to know what I am speaking about and why I am speaking about it. The world is a crazy place and right now I have no idea what to believe in. I am hoping that through the course of writing this essay I may be able to put my finger on my worldview. Ken Funk, professor at Oregon State University, states in his article, “What is a Worldview,” that a worldview is defined as, “The set of beliefs about fundamental aspects of Reality that ground and influence all of one’s perceiving, thinking, knowing, and doing.” Now, let me explore my cosmological, theological, and anthropological beliefs.

First of all, let me explore my cosmic beliefs. The origin of the universe is unproven by God or science in a whole way. I would like to think that God created the Big Bang, therefore God created the universe. If God created the universe, then what is the origin of life? On this subject, I am certain that we, man, and all other life have evolved from amoeba. There may be different types of amoeba, but everything has evolved to where it is today, and will continue to evolve. This fact has been scientifically proven and reproduced in other ways.

Secondly, I would like to explore my godly belief system. The fact that God or Gods exists or does not exist is a very touchy subject. I would like to believe there is a higher power, but have not seen any...
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