What Is a Tragic Hero?

Topics: Tragic hero, Poetics, 1983 singles Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Ivan Larios
English III - H
Mrs. Dougherty
18 November 2012
What is a tragedy? It is an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe. Aristotle wrote down explained what is the "tragic hero" and gave the qualifications and details to seek for when trying to identify one. Arthur Miller explains in his essay, Tragedy and the Common Man, what tragedy and the common have does and does not have in common. Aristotle thoroughly explains what is a tragic hero. There are 5 points. The first point is that the character is very noble and contains greatness. Usually the character has a higher position than the regular man, but has virtue as it shows their typical side. The second point is that the tragic hero is just like the common man, otherwise, the common people would not be able to identify a tragic hero. The tragic hero is usually in a higher position, but is still looked at as a common person. The third point explains the reason of a tragic hero's fate. Their fate is usually cause by their own will or some type of malignant feeling takes over. Another reason could be of misjudgment of a person or flaw who contributes to the lack of perfection of the hero. This is called tragic flaw or, harmatia. This usually caused by hubris, which means arrogance or self-confidence. The fourth point is that the punishment is not reasonable for what the tragic hero's crime was. The fifth and final point is that the fall or fate of a tragic hero isn't fully negative because it helps the hero learn a new lesson within themselves, giving them more self-knowledge , or have an epiphany. In Arthur Miller's essay, Tragedy and the Commom Man, he argues the definition of a tragic hero. Miller questions the authenticity of the tragic hero. The article explains tragedy that it absolutely affects the common everyday people. The first point is that according to Miller, tragedy should not be only...
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