What is a Tire?

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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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What is a Tyre?
Pneumatic tyre is a flexible, toroidal, compressed gas (normally air) container mechanically attached to the outer circumference of rim of a vehicle wheel. The name is derived from “Attire” – a protecting covering or coat. •The rubber exterior of a pneumatic tyre is merely a flesh for a skeleton of fabric; this skeleton and the manner in which it is constructed are of fundamental importance in establishing the tyre’s characteristics. •A tyre is an integral component of a vehicle and is the intermediary between the vehicle and the road.

Why do I need Tyre?
Supporting the vehicle weight including payload (load carrying capacity) •Transferring Traction and Braking forces to the road surface (Traction, Torque and braking) •Absorbing Rod shocks (Cushioning and Enveloping)

Changing and maintaining Direction of travel (Steering response and stability during cornering) •Low Rolling Resistance
Minimum Noise / Road Vibration
High Speed safe operation Capability
Aesthetics & Comfort


You might be having having a hard time getting the right tire size. The car tire sellers needs to determine what best fits to your vehicle that’s why you need to understand the letters, numbers, slash letters and letter combination of your tires. Here’s How:

1. Know what the first letter stands for your vehicle type to which the tire is to be installed. Example: P for passengers, T for Temporary Spare, LT for Light Truck, ST for Special Trailer. I’m sure that is not hard to decipher in your tire size chart.

2. Width Number. The width is indicated after the digits or it’s cross section measurement usually in millimeters. Example: If you have a tire that says P225, therefore it means that the tire is for a Passenger Vehicle and the tire cross section width is 225 millimeters.

3. You need to understand the aspect ratio concept. It normally follows with a slash after the...
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