What Is a Sidekick Good for?

Topics: English-language films, The Incredibles, American films Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: April 19, 2012
In many stories we hear as young children, the main person in each story is always the hero. The hero saves the day, or gets the children from the burning building. Sometimes the hero saves the damsel in distress. Classic image of a hero but we forget that the hero does not do it alone. There is always one person that stands by the hero’s side and is a big contributor to the savings. With his/her size, attitude, and light-hearted humor, the sidekick makes his/her mark on saving the world. In the story of Mulan, she uses her intelligence and strength to defeat the Huns for ruling over China and at the same time wins the heart of her love and Chinese army leader, Shan. But, she did not defeat the Huns by herself, did she? Mulan herself had not one sidekick but two, Mushu and Cri-Kee. Everyone seems to forget the Cri-Kee though because he is actually her good luck charm. Even though Mushu and Cri-Kee are so small in size, literally, they work together that makes most think that they are one huge person. Sidekicks do not have to be tall, big, or even buff to help the hero. All they really can do is give all that they have to help and make an impact on a life. No one likes to work with a crabby Abby all the time. Bad attitude can bring out the worst in people faster and rain hits the ground. Hero’s tend to have bad attitudes at some point in their journey and they look for someone to help cheer them up. Mulan has an experience where she is revealed as a women in the army and is sent back home. While camping out in the snow, she makes the point that she is a mistake and that whatever she tries to do to help others, she never does right. Mushu, upset himself, puts on happy face for her and cheers her up with his positive attitude by telling her she can do what ever she puts her mind to. His small pep talk to her cheered her up and gave her confidence back. If heroes’ did not have someone to give them pep talks while they were in a bad mood or sad, then the stories...
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