What is a Seminar

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  • Published: September 25, 2013
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What is a seminar?
A team of advanced students/ professional walking in association under the guidance of a teacher/ adviser. It is a place to discover new ideas, to relook an old idea or to develop insight (lecture, discussion, return demonstration) in connections among ideas. Planning

A. Identify issues and trends
We live in an age of constant scientific discovery, a world shaped by revolutionary new technologies. Just look at your favorite newspaper. The chances are pretty good that in the next few days you’ll see a headline about global warming, cloning, fossils in meteorites, or genetically engineered food. Other stories featuring exotic materials, medical advances, DNA evidence, and new drugs all deal with issues that directly affect your life. As a consumer, as a business professional, and as a citizen, you will have to form opinions about these and other science-based issues if you are to participate fully in modern society. B. Map out relevant issues/ trends

Issues and trends are all around us, it’s up to us students/ professionals to identify which are relevant and irrelevant to our study or profession. In mapping out issues we need to categories them as relevant or irrelevant. Then, further cut down the issue to field of interest such as medical, business, politics and etc. C. Assign specific topics to groups

A committee is a staff team which meets the purpose of affecting an integration of ideas leading to a meeting of minds, concerning a solution for some problems. Each member of the group is assigned one topic to be discussed. In assigning topics the leader should be careful to delegate topics to members in which they are adept or learned in such area. D. Prepare schedule for the seminars

Plan your seminar for a time of day when most members of your target audience will be able to attend. If your target group consists of middle-age working individuals, plan your seminar for a weekend or evening that won't conflict with work schedules and...
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