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Physical Needs
To hunt with efficiently the hunters needed to understand
the environments that they lived and the habits of animals
that they hunted. The Siksika tribe wore clothes made of
animal skins that were either deer or buffalo. Clothing was
to be sewn from sinew. The mittens and robes that the tribe
had for the winter were all a reality because of the hide of a buffalo. Because the buffalo herds moved from place to
place, so did the Siksika tribes. So their shelters in a way had to be portable. To solve this problem the tribes made
their shelters from teepees which could be put togethe in-
-to a shelter and then be taken apart again.
The tribe used tools and made them using their
surroundings. Some of the tools that they used were the
awl, the scraper, and the flesher. Some of the surrounding
materials used to make the tools were wood, stone, and
In the winter the tribes had to live in river valleys that had to have been sheltered or maybe the foothills of the rocky
mountains, they lived in small family groups. However in
the spring and summer they were much more active.
When spring came the “Siksika’s” moved into the prairie where they were joined by other little family groups. In
the summers they came together in these huge groups
for the buffalo hunt. They HAD to cooperate to kill the
large animals such as the buffalo. Some groups went to
chase the buffalo over the cliffs. Others chased them into
pounds, in case you didn’t know pounds were these areas
that were enclosed in bushes. Most of the “Siksika’s” killed the buffalo’s with bow and arrows or maybe spears. The
Siksika were careful not to waste ANY parts of the buffalo
but if you want to read more about my discoveries with
their physioloical go and read the part of this pamphlet
that says physiological needs.

Psco needs
If you are one that doesn’t want to destroy he earth and
keep it nice and clean then boy will you LOVE the siksika...
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