What Is a Good Teacher?

Topics: Teacher, Profession, Problem solving Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Modern world offers a big variety of different professions. Almost half of a person’s life passes at work. So it’s extremely important to make the right choice of a profession. Psychologists believe that a future profession should be chosen in accordance with the individual talents and abilities. But many professions demand having specific skills. So does the profession of teaching. From my point of view there are some basic personal and professional qualities which determine a good teacher. First thing that should be mentioned is love and respect to children. The more attention we pay to children the more gratitude we get and rank high in their estimation. Also a good teacher is too wise to argue with pupils and can keep anger under control. All that usually help teacher to have a good rapport with children. Besides a good teacher is a master and a fan of his work. In addition to this one of the most important qualities which indicates teacher’s professionalism is a talent to explain profound ideas in simple terms. Some children have difficulties in understanding different rules and need to hear simple explanation. I can’t but mention that a good teacher never uses neither corporal nor mental punishment. Using it not only do harm to children’s health but shows incompetence of teacher. But of course as in any profession there are pros and cons of being a teacher. Firstly I want to start with the positive moments of it. A teacher is always around among young generation which have a lot of energy and in most situations get positive emotions. Sometimes children have nonstandard view of life what can help in solving problems. But I think that the most pleasant thing in this profession is feeling that your work gives results and you see that your pupils...
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