What Is a Good Parent

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What is a good parent?

Jane Doe

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What is a good parent?
A good parent is someone who is responsible and provides for his or her children. They may possess qualities, such as, devotion and compassion. Good parents are supportive, but stern, when needed. All children are entitled to the basic necessities in life. Parents should provide food, shelter, clothing, and a stable environment conducive to flourish.

When it comes to providing for your children, it is demanding and should be done without hesitation. Everyone has different circumstances and values, but regardless of the circumstances, we have to set the foundation for our children. Providing for children does not necessarily mean they have to grow up in a lavish home with name-brand clothes eating caviar. However, clothing and feeding them and providing a home are a basic requirement. A good parent is devoted to their children. Being a single mother, I sacrificed my time to be there for my children. Whether it was, a basketball game or honor’s ceremony, I was there. For me, it is worth seeing the smiles on their faces from the bleachers. Because they needed to know that I was dedicated to them and the events they were participating in, and loved them unconditionally.

With being a good parent, children have to feel as though their parents are supportive of them. It is important to stay open-minded so that they are comfortable communicating. Meanwhile, parents should be stern and set limitations. Children are going to make decisions that affect their lives, and at times it may affect others. As parents, we must teach them that there are consequences for their actions; whether it is a positive or negative impact depends upon the action taken. “Think before you act,” is the concept that I have always preached to my children. We can only instill the values and pray that they use what we have taught them. This by far, is the hardest concept for me to grasp.

A good...
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