What Is a Good Paper

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Academic writing is one area that is vital in the life of any student, writing of these papers requires in-depth understanding of the rules essential for production of a quality work. A writer or a student should be able to understand plagiarism and how to avoid it. He/she should be able to do the right citation style to use as per the instructions and above all the writer should understand what kind of assignment he/she has been given. These are very vital to come up with a good academic paper. Thus for this descriptive essay the thesis statement will be “Writing a good academic paper.” There are many kinds of writing, which can be written by anyone depending on their taste and style, but for academic papers are written by academicians, students or specific writers who do academic papers for academicians. Academic papers especially good ones have some rules or instructions that have to be observed. They must be free of plagiarism, as plagiarism will bring penalties on the writer and disqualification of their work. The paper should also use the right citation style as given in the instruction by the examiner; failure to follow instruction may lead to disqualification of the student in question. The paper should follow all the instructions given regarding the margin size, the font size and type and the spacing. These are technical yet important part of a good academic paper. Important also about a good academic papers is that they should be free of grammatical errors; the paper should have no spelling mistakes. It should portray the writer’s good command of the language. The writer should be keen on the structure of the sentences and also the content of those sentences. He/she should always cross-check the instructions given with the progress of the work he/she is writing to ensure that the main the content is not deviating from the instructions given. The ideas should be brief and to the point, emphasis should be brought out correctly and above all...
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