What Is a Data Warehouse ?

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Question 1
What is a data warehouse? What problems does it solve for a business? A data warehouse is a place where data is stored for archival purpose, analysis purpose. Usually a data warehouse is either a single computer or many computers servers tied together to create one giant computer systems. Data warehouse solve a lot of problems to companies as it helps to structure files and avoid unnecessary duplication of data. Data warehouse also allows to easily updating data and encourages management to regard data as a resource that must be properly managed just as any other resources.

What do you see as the benefits of using a web-like browser to access information from a data warehouse? The benefits of using a web browser to access information from a data warehouse is that it allows users to have access to different search engines and opens up different links with the relevance key search. Some results will be more complete than others as they have different ways of indexing websites. Using a web browser to access information from a data warehouse is also useful as the links give you access to images and videos which interact users but can also slow down the logon level of speed operations meaning that the data warehouse is accessed at a fast speed.


The SAP system is a collection of software that performs standard business functions for corporations. Here are some applications developed by SAP for consumers use, they are regrouped into categories of utilities[1].

Financials applications

The SAP Financials applications contain all of the functionality needed for enterprise-wide financial management. These include:

• Financial Accounting (FI), Provides a complete financial accounting solution, including income statements, balance sheets, journals, ledgers, and all areas of financial accounting. • Enterprise Controlling (EC): Assists in controller tasks. • Capital Investment Management (IM): Assists finance organizations in their capital investments and tracking. • Controlling (CO): Assists the controller organization. • Treasury (TR): Assists with transactions related to the U.S. Treasury. Human Resources applications

• Personnel Administration (PA): Assists with all areas of personnel administration, including applicant tracking and personnel history.

• Personnel Development (PD): Assists with training and educational status of employees.

These systems handle all of the mundane HR tasks, such as personnel and payroll, and also a number of more esoteric HR functions, such as seminar and convention management.

Logistics applications

The SAP Logistics applications include SAP's most popular modules.

• Materials Management (MM): Manages raw materials, inventory, and all aspects of goods manufacturing. • Production Planning (PP): Offers sophisticated tools for planning large production environments. • General Logistics (LO): Manages logistics for companies that require large-scale deployment of goods and resources. • Sales and Distribution (SD): Manages the inventory and distribution of finished goods. • Plant Maintenance (PM): Manages the resources required for large manufacturing plants. • Quality Management (QM): Captures and maintains quality control for manufacturing environments. • Project System (PS): Assists with the scheduling of project tasks and interdependencies between tasks.

← Oracle

Oracle is the leading company in a leading software development and provides business with systems and information with reliable, secure, and integrated technologies[2]. These software’s include:

• Agile Link-to-SAP XI: Agile Product Collaboration provides a comprehensive solution to manage bill of material (BOM), item, and engineering change order (ECO) data necessary for product content collaboration across the manufacturing supply chain.

• Oracle Communications for SAP RM-CA Manage: SAP RM-CA...
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