What Is Your Most Important Goal in Life?

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  • Published : November 18, 2011
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Every individual has personal goals and tries to pursue them. What is your most important goal in life? In a 250 – 350 word essay, discuss that goal and explain what you will do to achieve your goal. Personal Goals depend on their value for their life. Most of people often say that success in their life is the most important goals than any other things. They always pursue such their goal. To some degree, I agree with the reason why people pursue such their goal. However, I think that my personal goal seems to be quite far from such a goal which ordinary people pursue. First of all, my personal goal is not success but achievement. This is clear that satisfaction by personal achievement is more important than any other thing in my life. For example, my job is related to engineering. This kind of occupation does not guarantee the high salary. Sometime this salary is not enough for me to support my family. But, I like to do this work, even though my wage is lower than other people who work in high position job such as politician, medical doctor, and lawyer. My satisfaction is determined in my mind and heart. In addition, Happiness in life is one of most important item. If my present pursuit diverse from my basic happiness it will not be my personal goal even though it guarantee my wealth in life. For instance, long time ago, a company propose me to join the company as well as high salary. But the goal of company did not match my personal goal. I gave up the offer because of my happiness. To sum up, I firmly believe that my personal goal is my achievement and happiness in my life. And this is the most important for me determine my future.
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