What Is Your Favorite Season?

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When asked, not everyone will agree about which season is best. Some people prefer the rain and blossoms of spring, while others look forward to the changes of autumn. Then, there are some crazy people I know who enjoy the cold winds and snow of winter. However, my favorite time of year is summer.

First, of course, the best thing about summer is the nice weather. The weather is usually hot and sunny, with longer days. Moreover, my usual summer attire consists of tank tops, shorts and sandals. It’s nice to be able to wear light clothing, instead of heavy coats.

Also, this is usually when I may take a vacation. Since there is no work or school for a while, I feel free already. Moreover, if the money is right, I will travel out of town to visit friends or relatives. Sometimes, I may just go sightseeing some place new. No matter what, I make sure to take some time to just relax.

Finally, this is the best time to go to the beach. There is nothing like a swim in the ocean to cool off on a hot summer day. Moreover, if you cannot find me in the water, then I am probably laying along the beach, catching a tan.

Overall, my favorite season is the summer for the following reasons. The nice weather, the vacation, and the beach. Therefore, this is the time of the year I can enjoy myself the most. Too bad it comes and goes so quickly!
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