What Is "Your" Culture

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  • Published : November 12, 2008
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Culture of the United States

What is "Your" Culture

The culture of the United States, beginning in the late nineteenth centuries and into today, has always been one of great progress and also great tragedy. We have evolved from a nation with few inhabitants, mainly Native Americans, to a nation that has a profound influence on the rest of the world. With the rest of the world going through a revolutionary phase, the United States grew into the leader of the pack that spearheaded progress into the future. The United States' economic and entertainment industries have installed a sense of competitive lifestyle which can be viewed every weekend with the help of sporting events.

Although many nations have been progressing with new technologies and greatly improving their economy, the United States has been shaped and transformed into the nation we are today thanks to western Europe and its early achievements. Agriculture, the foundation for any society and the backbone of their economy, was the most important ingredient to survival and prosperity. In the early ages the world was mostly agrarian. Without it, the western Europeans would have never of been able to monopolize an intensive trading route throughout Eurasia and into the Americas. Britain began colonizing the Americas, the "New World," for its natural resources to export in their trading routes around the Indian Ocean. Skipping a few centuries, this colonization of the Americas and worldwide revolutions eventually led to one of the biggest superpower nations in the world.

The Industrial Revolution could possibly be the single most important time in history, besides an agricultural revolution, where the world completely shifted. The United States was not at the head of the revolution but gained much of its progress. One of the main reasons the United States was such an important factor in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was because of its resources: coal, iron, silver, oil and other...
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