What Is Your Brand?

Topics: Human, Ethics, Populism Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: March 18, 2013
What is Your Brand?

Everyone believes they are the model human beings or at least at times we all do. We usually make decisions based on the fact that we believe we are right, or what we are doing is right. When I am put into a tough situation I am trying to make the best decision not only for myself but also for the other parties involved. I do believe that others believe I am a leader, although quiet. Leading by example constantly and continually making sure that I am being fair to all parties is what I not only want people to think of me but how they do perceive me.

Being apart of the baseball team here on campus, people may perceive me as just an athlete who doesn’t care about his studies because of the amount of time I spend in the gym hitting or anything to get better. Although it may seem this way from my appearance, my teammates and coaches know that I spend as much time on my studies as I do my sport. I know that both my peers and teammates realize that my leadership on and off the field is why I have been successful in my four years here. As one of four seniors on the team I have the responsibility to help keep the “glue” of the team together and show fairness among all the players in order to keep everyone on the same page. When brought up with a situation with my teammates I believe they think that I am caring for all of them (because they are my brothers) but I also have enough respect for each and every one of them keep the situation as fair as possible.

When put into an ethical dilemma my peers may think that I am not acting right away but that’s because I am carefully analyzing the situation to make the best possible outcome. I have the responsibility to make the best ethical and logical decision for the situation, which is what others think of. I am not saying that I haven’t shown favoritism when making a hard decision because of a person I wasn’t fond of but I believe that is part of life and how we deal with things at times. Although...
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