What Is Wan and Frame Relay

Topics: Wide area network, OSI model, Packet switching Pages: 3 (1231 words) Published: April 28, 2013
What is a WAN, and what is a Frame Relay? The term WAN, which stands for Wide Area Network, which is telecommunication network that covers a broad area. Businesses and Governments typically use WANs because it covers multiple areas where the company might be in different buildings. They utilize the WAN to relay data across the employees, clients, and anyone else needed to connect to the network. The technology of a Frame Relay is a layer 2 protocol used in wide area networking. It uses the telecommunications provider's packet-switching infrastructure to move data. Frame Relay is also a high-performance WAN protocol that operates at the physical and data link layers of the OSI reference model. Frame Relay was originally designed for use across integrated services digital network interfaces. Frame Relay can provide speeds from 56kbps DS0 up to 43Mbps DS3 connections depending on the capability of the service provider's network. Frame Relay will create a private network through the carrier’s network, which is done by a Permanent virtual Circuit (PVC). This Circuit is a connection from the first site, to another site, and then through the carrier’s network. This setup allows the users to have more data to communicate, and it allows the data to travel faster and in larger files than the current technology allows us. Frame relay also handles volume and speed efficiently by combining the necessary functions of the data link and network layers into one simple protocol. Frame Relay provides access to the network, delimits and delivers frames in proper order, and recognizes transmission error through the standard Cyclic Redundancy Check. The Frame relay provider will include the equipment like Data Terminal Equipment’s (DTE) and routers in the overall price of the Frame Relay setup. DTE is a device at the customer’s site that connects to the service provider’s Data Circuit–terminating Equipment (DCE). DTEs are generally terminals, Personal computers, routers, and...
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