What is Video Game Addiction?

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  • Published : January 18, 2011
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Chapter 1.
What is ‘Video Game Addiction’?
Video game addiction or video game overuse is a form of psychological disorder which consists of obsessive use of the computer and video games. There is no diagnosis about video game addiction in the current medical or psychological literature. However, these symptoms are very much alike to other suggested psychological disorders. Video game addiction is said to be an impulse control disorder. [Brown, Gerald L.] 

It’s real and increasing by the minute while you are reading this. This is a well-known hobby among pre-teens and teens of Wennappuwa area mainly because these children’s parents’ major employment is based in Italy which is flowing with Euros. The children are left with the care of guardians, who do not pay very much attention. These children are alienated.

Study Area.
Designing Research Variables.
Dissertation Structure.

Aim and Objective.
In this study, we hope to determine whether video game addiction has a direct impact on education of teenagers in Wennappuwa schools.
To achieve this aim a number of research objectives were developed. These included: * To identify the relevant sources of data.
* To collect relevant data.
* To apply an appropriate model for the data, initially from four leading schools of the region to ascertain the impact of video games. * To modify the model, when necessary, when applied to the four leading schools of the region.

Chapter 2.
Data and Methods.

Data Used.

Methods and Techniques.

Chapter 3.
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