What Is Ubiquitous Computing ?

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  • Published : November 11, 2006
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What is Ubiquitous Computing ?

What is ubiquitous computing? An exciting new approach to serving us with technology? Or the environment where the virtuality will became the reality? Let's try to give the definition of ubiquitous computing, its development, including the key people and places influencing its development, and finally some concerns raised by this new approach for putting technology and people together. Already, one name has been reoccurring when talking about ubiquitous computing: Mark Weiser. In 1991 Mark Weiser thought of as the founder of what we now term ubiquitous computing, wrote an article for Scientific American entitled "The Computer for the 21st Century". In it, Weiser describes the multiple computers in a room as tabs, pads and boards, which roughly correspond to active Post-It notes, sheets of paper, and white boards and bulletin boards. In this article he reasoned that a better approach would be to make the machine disappear, or become hidden from the user, so that its use would be non-intrusive, becoming a graceful part of our everyday life. Ubiquitous computing, is a world where technology becomes virtually invisible in our lives. Instead of having a desk-top or lap-top machine, the technology we use will be embedded in our environment. Let's imagine a world with hundreds of wireless computing devices of different sizes in the same room. Let's try to describe our one day in the new world of Pervasive Computing. It's morning and I need to get up .My alarm's gentle voice tells me "It's time ,you should get up" .Following it, I'm standing up. From the first step to the kitchen ,furniture asks "Would you want to eat or to drink ? Computers are everywhere in my room but i don't see none of them. Then I wear my digital jacket and computer watch . Now I am ready to go to the work. Just one "I'm ready" and my car is automatically comes to my house doors. I get in to my car and feel myself in a new computer world of cars. I just...
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