What Is to Blame for Causing the Korean War

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  • Published : January 8, 2012
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In Cairo conference, 1943, China, USA and Great Britain started to talk about Korea. However, it was small talking about Korea that they would be free and independent when Japanese are defeated. Why U.S. and USSR didn’t come to help Korea until Japan went away? Why did Korea became so important to China, US and USSR that they came all the way to Korea when there was Korean War? Was it just to help Korea or was there any other reason? Was Korean War just a civil war between North and South, or was it a war between communist and democracy?

U.S. and Soviet decided to help Korea to grow like a trusteeship. They had promise in August 15, 1945 in these circumstances: 1. They will divide Korea into 38th parallel. U.S. will have south and Soviet will have north part of the Korea. 2. Korea will eventually become free. That the division would not be permanent but temporary. 3. Their goal was Korea would eventually be reunited and given independence.

This era was a cold war that communist and democracy had conflict. U.S.S.R., the communist, goal was to spread communism idea to the world. U.S., the democracy, goal was to stop the influence of the communism. When Yo Un Hong form Korean People’s Republic to unite all of Korea, U.S. opposed because they viewed it as being too communist. USSR also oppose because they thought Korean People’s Republic will take over the North. Because Yo Un Hong fails to unite Korea under the Korea People’s Republic, North and South develop differently. USSR developed North as it is their zone of occupation. US also developed the South. When UN proposed election in Korea, both US and USSR were against it.

In 1948, North and South became officially different country. Rhee Syngman became the leader of the South, Republic of Korea. Rhee was serious anti-communist. He killed all the people who seemed like communist which led to massacre in Jeju. US were fearful that Rhee will intend to go to war with North. US stop providing Rhee...
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