What Is Theology

Topics: Christianity, Theology, Judaism Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: May 3, 2005
What is theology? What does it explain if anything? According to the encyclopedia, it is related to the Greek Religion. In Christianity, the systematic study of the nature of God and God's relationship with humanity and with the world. Although other religions may be said to have theologies, this is a matter of controversy within, for instance, Judaism , which holds that God is unknowable. This article will therefore confine itself to Christian theology. The development of theology in Christendom arose from the need for educated Christians of the ancient world to express their ideas in terminology familiar in current thought. Hence arose the close relation of Christian theology with Greek philosophy formulated by the Greek and Latin Fathers of the Church . St. Augustine , a Latin Father and one of the greatest theologians, introduced and standardized in his writings teachings that became central to Christian theology. Augustine's influence was paralleled in the East by that of Origen. From the dictionary theology is known as the science of God or of religion. Also, the science which treats of the existence, character, and attributes of God, his laws and government, the doctrines we are to believe, and the duties we are to practice; divinity; (as more commonly understood) "the knowledge derivable from the Scriptures, the systematic exhibition of revealed truth, the science of Christian faith and life."

In addition to the information above, theology has more to offer. According to the Theological Dictionary, it is the study of God, His nature, attributes, character, abilities, revelation, etc. True theology is found in the Bible which is the self-revelation of God. Theology is known for many definitions but consequently means the same in each sense.

The nature of theology is known in different ways but seem to have the same. According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, it is defined as 'the science of religion'. That would be the core of knowledge using...
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