What Is the Summary of Dusk Written by Saki

Topics: Virtue, Patience Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: February 19, 2011
He needs to remain calm composed sane nd reasonable under all circumstances. He shud be undisturbed when others are losing their patience nd accusing him of failure. He shud trust himself even wen others hv lost trust in him nd shud remain firm wen others are throwing their frustations nd doubts on u but at the same time u need to make allowance for their doubts too in order to mend any fault if there is any. He shud be patient which is one of the most important virue underlying whatever he has to achieve. He needs to be patient for his chance to shine nd rise above the others. He must not be influenced by others in dealing in lies nd shud always remain honest. Even if others hate him he shud not hate them back as it will get him nowhere. But at the same time he shud not be too confident nd shud not be baostful of his being good. He shud maitain his humility.

He advices his son to hv dreams in life but cautions him against being overpowerd by them. He needs to dream because widout dreams u hv no goals to achieve. He shud think but not make thoughts his sole aim as it wud narrow his mind and make his visions blur. He will cum acroos truimph nd disaster but he is adviced to treat them both alike. He shud not be too happy if he succeds nor too sad nd depressed if he has lost sumthing. Truimph makes man too proud nd blind of hid weakness while failure makes him hopeless nd weak. They act like imposters nd hence shud be treated da same. He must be brave enough to face his facts being turned upside down nd twisted by dishonest people who are waiting to pull him down. He shud not be a fool by falling into their traps nd false temptations. He must hv the courage to see everything he had dedicated his life to shredded to pieces right before his eyes. He must hv strong will power to stoop down frm his dignity nd humility to start anew with his torn out tools.

He must make a heap of all his successes winnings nd victories nd keep them...
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