What Is the Role and Responsibility of the Teacher in Lifelong Learning Sector

Topics: Education, History of education, Teacher Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: January 22, 2013
What is the role and responsibility of a teacher in the lifelong learning sector?

The roles and responsibilities of a teacher in the field of lifelong learning sector that covers all publicly funded post-16 education outside universities are extremely varied and diverse. When examined closely the diverse roles of a teacher, trainer, assessor or tutor, seem to be associated a multitude/body of expectations. Ideally the teacher should have the ability to combine roles and responsibilities in a way, which firstly benefit the pupil, the education system but also the community and ultimately the state and its economy. Teachers in (LLLS) must provide significant assistance in training people, either after completion of compulsory schooling or as first contact with the education system, and thereby contribute to the national effort to remain competitive in the world economy, and thus maintain indirectly the basis of a welfare state. Professionalism is an important and essential feature of the teacher in the field of lifelong learning. This includes responsibilities for example keeping knowledge up to date, CPD, but also diligence and enthusiasm in one’s work as well as probity. Basically one could say that the teacher of lifelong learning supports the efforts not only of those of with post degree levels but also of people who only have come in contact with basic education, to learn, even in old age, to write, to read, to be able to express themselves, think in a structured manner, with the ultimate aim to involve the individual learners in all aspects of economic and social life. In this way it is possible to integrate diverse social elements and structures. This can include understanding about different needs of the Elderly, ethnically diverse groups, various nationalities or religious identities which until recently lived completely separate. This in turn helps individuals to understand and acknowledge differences and thereby ensure the peaceful coexistence of all...
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