What Is the Relationship Between Technology, Scien

Topics: Moon, Apollo 11, Extraterrestrial life Pages: 5 (1626 words) Published: January 7, 2012
Assessment 3: Final Essay Question
What is the relationship between technology, science and the visual? Analyse a text of your choice (Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon) in a way that demonstrates your understanding of the connections between bodies, technologies and visual reproduction.

Josephine Polutea,
Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (2011)
The relationship between technology, science and the visual I believe is that they all interconnect with each other. The technological invention of the lithographic device for example enabled numerous visual reproductions for magazines and newspapers. This then opened up the door to the revolutionary technological shift in visual reproduction from lithography to photography that enabled replications to cater for the masses. This ability to produce multiple copies of any one image came about with the revolutionary development of the ‘negative’. (Lecture 5 / Technologies of the Visual Reproduction, 2011) This is evident in the movie Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon where the use of the images and footage from the Apollo 11, Lunar Landing are used to encapsulate the viewer to identify and empathise with the historical event that is used as a “spectacle” in the movie. Science wise this was a breakthrough in all history of mankind although there is speculation and scepticism that the event in fact never took place (Lecture 5 / Visuality, History, Event Spectacle, 2011) in an effort to gain capital for funding of the NASA space program approximately estimated at thirty billion dollars. (Lecture 14 / Visuality, History, Event Spectacle, 2011). On the contrary this is problematic in any evidence documented in history for history although makes for a good story line in a movie about technology, science and the “bodies” involved in this visual reproduction of the “historical event”. As this event spectacle was used in the movie as the basis of the visual narrative which was what I gathered to be that the American government discovered an unidentified object that crashed on the moon’s surface and the Presidents reaction to send the astronauts to the moon as he quotes in the movie “You get there before the Russians” and “Well you tell NASA to move heaven and earth.” Gives the impression that Mr President is very patriotic and based on “actions speak louder than words”? There is a sense of urgency where one would assume that there was a conspiracy to cover up a "top secret mission" to discover if there really were any alien life forms present on the moon or to cover up discoveries of such encounters. A reason of state would account for the manipulation of such evidence to enforce the protecting public morality, educating the population, looking after national interests and promoting community values. (Schirato, Webb 2007, p 174). The news media’s job is to report the facts clearly, with as much accuracy as possible. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. Science and reason are a good arsenal to have in the battle against pseudoscience, but in most cases they take a back seat to history and tradition. Plait (2002)

These technological experiments and discoveries speak from the investigations of science and other certain unexplained issues for example extra-terrestrial, the supernatural or the unexplained “other” unidentified flying objects or mechanical beings. The images of an “alien” life form are visual reproduction of a circulated urban myth ‘so to speak’ rather there are no actual scientific evidentiary to substantiate claims from victims of the so called alien abductions or alien encounters. The descriptions given are used to form this visual that an alien has a big coned head, with big black oddly shaped eyes, a mouth and no nose but seem to be smaller in height then an average person. The greatest influence over visual practices in the contemporary Western world are what we call normalisation, which is associated with the fields of science, bureaucracy and government, and capitalism....
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