What Is the Rational of Planning for Development in Developing Countries

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  • Published: May 15, 2012
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what is the rationale for development planning in developing countries? by Vincent Siwawa on Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 6:48pm ·

Among the various purposes oor reasons for developmemt planning in

developing countries include, market failures, foriegn aid, resource

mobilisationand allocation, attittudianl or psychological impact, the

need to get direction, to measure progress, nation building through

public participation, to avoid conflicts and prevent resource from

being wasted and intergration of markets. Thirwall (1999) and Dubell

(1981) agrees that planning is used as an instrument by which

development is accellerated. Development planning is the progreess

procedure , that is intended to be followed step by step in a


Plan is a programme of action or programme for the strategy of a

national government in applying a system of interferences with the

play of market forces thereby conditioning them in such a way as to

give an upward push to the social progreess.Thirwall (1999) defines

development planning as an ideal way for a government to set out its

development objectives and demonstrate initiative in tackling the

country's development problems. Todaro (1994) defines development

planning as an exercise in which a government chooses social

objectives, then set various targets and finally organises a framework

for implementing, co-ordinating and monitoring development. Thus, from

all thee definitions one might argue that planning is essentially

towards development.

Developing countries plan development inorder to achieve sustainable

economic growth,achieve a more equitable distribution of income,

generate employment opportunities and restore a country (Thirwall,

1999). a brazillian politician named Dudley Seers argued that yto him,

the importance of planning for development is the reduction of povert,

unemployment and inequality are the reasons. Thus the...
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