What Is the Purpose of War?

Topics: War, World War II, Peace Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: October 5, 2010

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3 September 2010

What is the Purpose of War?

War is used as a method for feuding countries as a way of solving conflict, when in reality, that is not the solution to a problem at all. War can be described as the waging of armed conflict against an enemy, an act to fight for what is right, or a harmful way of getting what one desires. We may not know what exactly war is but we do know its purpose. Every war is not the same, neither are its purposes. Wars have numerous purposes, from maintaining peace in the world to gaining freedom. Throughout history I believe that wars have started to maintain peace. I agree with Zalaski in the fact that “war is abhorred and yet ubiquitous” and the main purpose of war is to acquire agreement and resolve conflict.

Most wars begin because of desire in peace, I also think this is one of the major reasons battles start. If a world or country does not have peace, it will go to any extent to accomplish harmony. I agree with Zalaski when he states that “peace is war’s purpose”. Peace is one of the main purposes for war because without peace there is no just society. The need for peace is a major reason when there are wars, battles, and disputes. World War Two is a perfect example; the Nazis were murdering Jews, gypsies, and anyone who did not fit into Hitler’s perfect society. The United States stayed neutral throughout this warfare, until the world’s peace became more disrupt. America joins for one soul purpose and that is to restore peace in the world. World War Two was the bloodiest war so far. I believe that when Zalaski states “that war seeks to establish order through the harsh tools of disorder” is entirely true. When has there been a war where no blood has been shed and lives have not been lost? Everyone pays for a price for peace. Finally, I believe war is unbearable because people have to fight to survive through the harsh conditions that result from conflict. This...
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