What is the purpose of Assessing a learner ?

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TAQA Assignment T2

1. What is the purpose of Assessing a learner (1.1)
The purpose of assessing a learner is to enable you to see how competent a learner is at their particular profession. To gain the NVQ the learner needs to be assessed and create a portfolio. It will help you ascertain whether or not a learner fully understands the job role and also guide you to points which may not be covered by for example Observations or any gaps in knowledge. It will also help you to measure the evidence you have against the criteria needed to gain the qualification. It checks learners’ competence, knowledge, learning, skills and understanding.

2. What should all evidence be, that is used for assessment? ( 1.2) All evidence used should be
a) Valid – which means it is their work only and no one has helped complete it and it’s not copied or cut and pasted. b) Current that is within the last 6 months, meets working practices which are current and meets legislation for the specific role. C) Sufficient - is there enough work completed and all requirements met and this evidence consistent over a period of time. There are no gaps in knowledge and different assessment methods have been used to ascertain this. d) Reliable - Someone who produces a testimony for learner for example supervisor, colleague, manager. Keep in mind does this person know the learner, what their role is, is not too close to the learner to be biased. Would others make the same decision as you based on the evidence that is provided? e) fair – is the assessment fair, have you taken into consideration the learners needs, abilities, special circumstances such as work patterns, illness and the Equality & Diversity policy guidance have been met. Ensure learners are treat individually but not favoured and tailor your assessing methods to meet their personal needs for example you could have a professional discussion with your learner if they have difficulty in writing or observe learners in the work place.

3. What is the role and responsibilities of the assessor? (1.3) Candidate induction Give an overview of the award, initial assessment, identify any special needs, explain the role of the assessor, explain qualification. Assessment planning To Identify specific activities where candidate can be assessed to cover the range of units. Use most appropriate methods. Plan how to meet and assess knowledge and address learner needs and current achievements Assessment Undertaken by the assessor in accordance with the assessment plan. Using evidence presented by the candidate. Manage assessments to meet assessment requirements. Make assessment decisions and analyse learner achievement. The assessor has to judge the evidence presented for assessment against the performance and knowledge laid out in the units to ensure it is VACSR and fair. Recording assessment decisions Assessor records their assessment decision clearly on a record, with achieved qualification criteria clearly identified. Make assessment information available to authorised colleagues, follow procedures to maintain confidentiality. Give constructive feedback This must be given to the candidate after the assessment as soon as possible. This is to inform them how they did and what they have achieved. Planning next stage How to move forward to the next stage of assessment and planning when the assessment has to be revisited. Identify any further implications for learning, assessment progression. Confirm achievement. Maintain legal and good practice requirements Follow policies and procedures, ensure equality and diversity during assessment, evaluate own work and maintain currency of own work. The role of the assessor is to provide a service to enable employees and individuals to gain a NVQ in their chosen field, for example Health & Social care, Customer Service ect. You should always ensure you use approved methods of assessing and be fair with all learners, ensuring that you meet the Policies...
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