What Is the Principle of Utility

Topics: Ethics, Logic, Critical thinking Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: May 2, 2013
What is the principle of utility
From the notes described the principle of utility as the first principle (also refers to the last principle) itself is not self-evident, which is available from the religious God as an example to explain. How do I know the principle of utility is the first principle, why the principle of utility, rather than the other moral principle is the first principle? Such as compassion, this example is not the correct interpretation, because in this case there is no objective standard, but we can sensory experience to prove that the principle of utility is true. Bentham's utilitarian principle as a first principle, can not be proved, but Muller that the utilitarian principle of indirect evidence, proved by Analogy analogy thus pointed out that happiness is worth pursuing, but can not infer happiness is only worth pursuing or happiness is the only good. Muller pointed out that though the pursuit of many different things, such as money, fame, status, and even character, in terms of its ultimate is to be happy, to prove that happiness is the only good or good. This inference a wrong fallacy should not be launched by the fact that values, such as spiritual happiness VS physical happiness; quality VS amount of difference, so should not be a happy card is only good or good, but happy It is worth pursuing or happiness are valuable. Bentham's utilitarian emphasis on the happiness of others, Muller think everyone to enjoy the pleasures of unique, people judge happiness is derived from the level of quality rather than the amount of. Bentham believes that his reason for the pursuit of the happiness of others, the sake of their own happiness, but Muller personal happiness and well-being of the public are inseparable. The pursuit of happiness is a human instinct (now refers to himself with the happiness of others) This stems from the social sense of social conscience. Others happy purpose, selfishness, conflicts and contradictions, but selfish benefit,...
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