What Is the Philosophy of Mathematics Education

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According to the journal that written by Paul Ernest from University of Exeter that discuss mainly about the philosophy of Mathematics Education. After the presentation that had conducted by my friends about the topic and had been clarified by our lecturer my understanding about the philosophy in overall and specifically the philosophy in mathematics education. As reported by Paul Ernest in particular the philosophy is about systematic analysis and the critical examination of fundamental problems. He also reported that it involves the exercise of the mind and intellect that discover thought, inquiry, reasoning, and it’s the results, judgement, conclusions, and belief or beliefs. In the other statement he also mentioned that the philosophy is an area or activity that can be understood as its aims and rationale. While the mathematics education is the activity or practice of teaching mathematics. Hence the philosophy of mathematics education that had been highlighted in this journal concern the aim or rationale behind the teaching of mathematics. As had been discussed in this journal the philosophy overall, the philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of Education have simply substantial entities in themselves but complex relationships and interactions between person, society, social structure, knowledge representations and many more. In order to support the statement Paul Ernest also suggest that the philosophy of mathematics education should not only attend to the philosophy of mathematics. But Paul Ernest cited on Stephen Brown (1995) suggest that it should also look to the philosophy of Schwab’s other commonplaces of teaching such as the learner, the teacher, and the milieu or society. Thus we also have the philosophy of learning mathematics, the philosophy of teaching mathematics and the philosophy of the milieu or society with respect to the mathematics and mathematics educations. In addition as the philosophy of mathematics education had been discussed, there are many questions that can be posed to address of that issues such as What is mathematics?,How does mathematic relate to society?,What is learning (mathematic)?,What is teaching (mathematic)?,What is the status of mathematic as knowledge field? Beyond of these questions there are abundant of questions that can be posed based on the issues on the philosophy of the mathematics education.The researcher had been selected some controversies based on the five clusters of questions that had been posed.The first controversie discuss about the philosophy of mathematics which have two groups that have different arguments about the philosophy of mathematics. two different foundationalist and absolutist. The first group as known as foundationalist and absolutist who want to maintain that mathematics is certain, cumulative and untouched by social interest or development beyond the normal patterns of history growth. While the second group were Fallibilist, humanist, relativist, social constructivist who issue that mathematic is through and through historical and social and there are cultural limitations to its claims of certainty, universality and absoluteness. Second significant controversies that had been stress in this journal is about the aims of mathematics education There are five group that had been categorized which are the Industrial Trainer aim that back to basics; numeracy and social training in obedience (authorirarian). The second aims is in technological pragmatist aim which emphasized on useful mathematics to the appropriate level and knowledge and skill certification. Then the third aims is focus on the transmission of the body mathematical knowledge which in category of Old Humanist aims. Next,the fourth aim stress on creativity ,self-realisation through mathematics which highlight the child centred by Proggressive Educator aims. Lastly is in Public Educator aims that...
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