What Is the Most Important Event in Us History Between Civil War and Today?

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  • Published : May 24, 2011
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Presidency

What is the most important event in US history between the Civil War and today? I could say that it is the Great Depression, the downfall of the economy. I could say 9/11 a shock to the US that had started an 8+ year war. But I won’t, I think the most important even is Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Presidency. When Franklin Roosevelt became President on March 4, 1933, America was a nation in despair. The Great Depression had left millions of Americans out of work. Franklin Delano Roosevelt took immediate action to end the crisis and to inspire Americans to overcome their fears. As the chaos of war spread across the world, FDR prepared the country for the challenge and ultimately led a grand coalition of nations against the Axis Powers. He served as President for over 12 years, longer than any other person, during the two greatest crises of the 20th Century. Those crises were The Great Depression, which he led America out of, and World War II. Herbert Hoover was the President during the Great Depression; however Franklin Roosevelt was the President who brought America out of the Great Depression. When Herbert Hoover was only 8 months in office, the stock market crashed and that is what started the Great Depression. The stock market crashed, because of margin buying and buying and selling stock for a quick profit. After the stock market crashed, Hoover trusted the idea that it all would self correct. Because Hoover didn’t do much to help the economy, people started to blame the Great Depression on him. They named things after him, such as Hoovervilles, Hoover Flags, and Hoover Blankets. A Hooverville was a popular name for a shanty town built by the homeless. A Hoover Flag was an empty pants pocket turned inside out. A Hoover Blanket was a newspaper used as a blanket. On November 8, 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected President of the United States, defeating Herbert Hoover. The Depression worsened in...
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