What Is the Most Defining Moment That Impacted Your Decision to Become a Nurse

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  • Published : June 23, 2012
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What is the most defining moment that impacted your decision to become a nurse?

As many of my peers might agree the decision process to pursue a nursing education was more of a journey than one bite spark of a single moment in time. Looking reflectively through this magnifying glass of time, I see many points of lights that lent clarity too my decision cutting’s stone moment. I use these words with purpose in that I personally experience a redefining process most easily related to a tool used to sharpen dull blades. The fire that is yield during the process creates a magnificent precise piercing instrument, from that which was once too easily discharged. I have struggle with low self-esteem issue for the most of my 44 years of life. I share this not for any plea of attention but as simple explanation to my lack of desire to attend a very demanding educational process that will require me to be very sure of my actions and judgment calls. Up-until this period in my life, it was easy to follow than to learn to take charge. The role seems ill fitted for me, funny how life changes us. I have never before consider myself lacking in understanding or ability, I have always enjoyed a great sense of pride in the level of care I provide for my patients and the love and income I provided for my children. I have worked in healthcare since 1989 in one position or another as an aide. I found I could make okay income with overtime paid and could work the hours I desired by being just a hard worker. This allowed me to raise my small children with my mother’s help. Being her only child my mother was well okay with this as long as I did all that I could to pull my weight as the saying goes. This bring us to that defining moment, I provided end of life care for my mother at home, with service form home healthcare nurses and doctors. The time scattering moment was when I was faced with my lack of knowledge of my mother disease process...
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