What Is the Meaning of a Mother?

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Guillermo Alvarez
Definition Essay
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What is the meaning of a mother?
                A mother is a women in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth, and brings up with care and affection. A mother is a special person to every child in the world. A mother knows things that no one can teach and talk about when growing up. Nobody can love a person like his or her mother by caring for him/her, protecting him/her from falling onto the wrong path, and acknowledging every single thing that he/she loves to do to make you feel happy. Mother plays a lot of roles in life when it comes to their children by giving them the care they need, being a hard worker, also a hero.                 A mother is someone who gives her children the care they need. She comes every day providing food supplies when one their children are hungry. A mother makes the house feel safe without worrying about any harmful instance that could happen to the kids, and protecting them from the wrong people around her children. A mother’s care can be the most important feature when it comes to a child for example crossing her child across the street while holding his/her hand, putting protection gear such as a helmet when it comes to bike riding, and knowing when her child is deeply hurt she provides all the benefits that will make her child better.                 A hard - working mother is taking three her kids to school every morning until they grow up and go to college. Not only that, but she works part time every single day of the week and manages to pick up every single child from school. Even after a stressful and tiring day, she presses through everything and steps up, knowing that she has a family she has to take care by cooking, cleaning the house, and taking her younger son/daughter to soccer practice. At the end of the day, she lies down with her children and tells them she loves them.                 Everyone in the world has different...
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