What Is the History of Major Scale?

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What is the history of Major scale? At this time young musician people and children don’t know about this. They didn’t pay attention about history. But this story is very interesting and instructive. And all musician people should know this. ‘In ancient Greece, Pythagoras is attributed with using the prime intervals of the octave, the P5 and the P4 to break the octave into smaller harmonious intervals. Pythagorean tuning influenced music in the middle ages and Renaissance periods where the Catholic Church started to formalize the scale we now know as the Major scale, a diatonic scale building up to an octave. The octave has been divided into 12 separate pitches before the starting pitch repeats at the octave. Many cultures have separated the octave into a different # of pitches. Chinese also break the octave into 12 pitches to match the twelve zodiac signs, but the tunings of the 12 pitches is different from the Western 12 tone octave. Persian music separated the octave into 24 pitches, while Arabic culture divided it into 16 pitches.’ It seems to me that all countries and nationalities have different and own history of Major scale. Maybe in our country we have our version of history of Major scale. And we should know it. ‘Piano Major Scales is the most important scales: firstly because they are very common and also because they are fundamental for your understanding of keys. If someone says a Piano Sonata by the composer and pianist Franz Shubert is played in A Major this means that it are depending on the A scale as well. It’s also common that piano pieces are named like A Minor – this accordingly refers to a minor scale as also are explained on the site.’ It seems to me that piano scales put a basis to keyboard skills of the pianist and understanding of music. Mastering with musical scales on a piano not only will help you to know the keyboard, it will be provided also to you by the knowledge base in order that you studied piano...
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