What Is the Essence of Drama

Topics: The Creation of Adam, Tram accident, Seasonal affective disorder Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: March 12, 2012
The esscence of drama is conflict . What is conflict? Conflict is a serious disagreement , typically a protacted one . Without conflict in any sort of movie or play there would be no intense monment were it really brings out the relationship between characters. The sculptor Ken Harrison was badly injured in a car accident and finds himself in the middle of life permanently paralyzed from the neck below and is depending on others from the hospital for his care and survival,. Ken is a strong-minded, passionate man totally dedicated to his art, and he decides he does not want to go on with the compromised, highly dependent life that his doctors, his girlfriend Pat and others urge on him. He breaks up with Pat and fights to be released from the hospital, to gain control of his life in order to stop the care that keeps him alive and unhappy. His antagonist is the hospital's medical director Dr. Emerson who believes in preserving life no matter what, and so tries to get Ken committed as clinically depressed. Ken's attending physician, Dr. Scott begins with the establishment but gradually moves toward Ken's position. In the end the judge at a legal hearing deciding that Ken is not clinically depressed and that he thus has the right to refuse treatment and be discharged. In the last scene, Ken lies in a hospital bed framed by his own sculptural realization of the forearm and hand of God from Michelangelo's Creation of Man. Conflict is showed in various ways. This is showed in the two scenes when Dr Emerson puts the needle in Ken’s arm and The conversation with mrs Boyle. One of the scenes was when dr emreson put a needle in kens arm withought kens permission. This is conflict because it was an argument that didn’t go to kens way of thinking. One of the other scene was when misses boyle tries to get ken to continue with his life. But ken does not want it because he was a sculpture and he was dedicated to his works, and did not want to continue living in this state of...
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