What Is the Esi English Language Curriculum

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What is the ESI English language curriculum?
The ESI English language curriculum focuses on the core components of the reading, writing and speaking.

Being an effective communicator goes beyond the core components of a language, in the ever changing information age people are connected in many different ways using a variety of technologies. This increases the importance and significance of a person’s ability to communicate effectively from the very young playing together to the adult working in the business world.

How does ESI English work?
ESI English has been developed by a team of language and curriculum experts who have created a systematic approach to English language learning by including social and emotional competence within the framework of grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

ESI English prepares the student linguistically, socially and emotionally by focusing on specific, social, interactive situations. The course provides a learning environment that helps ensure the student is able to express themselves positively, has self confidence and can communicate effectively.

ESI English is activity based and is designed to encourage students to develop a range of emotional and social skills.

The materials used reflect the fact that English is the major language of international communication and is not limited to any one country, region, or culture. The level for students attending this course is kindergarten or Primary 1 and builds on the foundations for accurate and fluent communication already established.

How long is the ESI English course?
ESI English is made up of four modules and each module typically contains ten lessons or 20 hours of class instruction time.

What does ESI English teach?
ESI English lessons include detailed teaching instructions that guide the teacher through the various situations. Also included are communication tasks and summaries of the grammar and vocabulary taught and instructions for optional activities.

ESI English teaches students how to use English to cope with everyday social situations and context related to school, family and growing up. The underlying philosophy is that when task-based learning is used in social situations it is more rewarding, meaningful and effective because English is used for authentic communication.

What are the key features of the ESI English course?
ESI English is designed to develop a student’s language skills, multiple intelligences, and his or her emotional and social quotient.

What is the ESI English approach?
ESI English actively involved students in learning. It addresses the needs of the student and involves them directly in the learning process. It also helps in the development of change and growth. The ESI English classroom sets a positive climate for learning, clarifies the purposes for learning (what’s in it for me?), organises and makes available learning resources and balances the intellectual and emotional needs of the student.

ESI English uses a creative, structured approach including play as progress for the younger student, and games, role play and simulation as progress for the older student. The purpose of each approach is to ensure that learning occurs through a variety of experiences.

ESI English gives the student different activities that promote learning and achievement. These activities increase retention, develop social skills, and promote self esteem. No matter the age of the student, positive independence, individual and group accountability and small group skills are inculcated within the language framework.

What materials does ESI English use?
ESI English follows the general principles of building and recycling. Here materials have been developed to take students from the simple to complex and from concrete to abstract so that each learning activity prepares them for the next. Building from simple to complex will for example, have students simply “tune in” in terms of...
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