What Is the Difference the Workplace in a Japanese vs. an American Company? How Should a Global Manager Motivate and Compensate a Salesforce in the U.S. vs Japan?

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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What is the difference between the workplace in a Japanese vs. an American company? How should a global manager motivate and compensate a salesforce in the U.S vs Japan? Why was Nidek successful? Did Nidek achieve its goal in helping the blind to see There are many differences between the workplace in Japanese and American company. One factor is greetings, Japanese use business card with the bow. Japanese employees stick to one company (loyalty & pride). They are driven for respect for doing hard work in the job they stick to for the rest of their life (life is work). They are more collectivism. U.S. greets with a handshake and expresses their name to one another. Some stick to one job but others stick to one or 2 due to money motivation. U.S. uses the American dream anyone has the right to rich up the top if they work hard for it. They are more Individualism. Global manager motivate and compensate a salesforce in the U.S. are based on performance, based paid schedule the more you sell the more you make. Money motivated. Japan has a fix ratio paid schedule regardless of their performance and hard work. They use quality over sales and product. Nidek is successful because it is the leading creator and provider of ophthalmology and equipments. The machine they created is use of eye surgery. Not only had it created a machine to get a surgery on the eyes but also surpass the stage creating the use for dermatology. Mr. Ozawa is also trying to find a cure for the blind people to see(artificial eye) and hoping it will come out in the near future. I believe that Nidek did achieve its goals in helping the blind to see because the company has been around for 30years and that most of the equipment use in hospital for eye surgery is built by Nidek. Not only towards building the equipment but also the unique bond of Japan and U.S. towards the company. He made two different cultures work together and learn one another in his company.
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