What Is the Difference Between Being Educated and Being Trained?

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What is the difference between being educated and being trained? What is so important about education? The difference is huge, and education is hugely important. TRiO is all about setting the foundation to get the best education you can get. Let us look at just a couple of points.

One obvious point is that education is the door to opportunity. It is said that success happens at the inter section of education and opportunity. A person who has credentials (i.e. a college degree) is able to seize the moment whenever an opportunity presents itself. This actually allows additional opportunities to flourish. Furthermore, with a degree, all sorts of opportunities somehow become available. The world perceives an educated person as being complete; therefore, he or she is seen as much more likely to be a good employee or partner in any given endeavor.

Two: Education informs everything else a person does in life. The quality of the work of an educated person always gets noticed. That person is

thus much more likely to get ahead in all aspects of life and career. Take for example a painter or a poet, two professions normally not thought of as being tied to college degrees. Many people can draw or paint, and many like to express deep thoughts through poetry. Without an education, an artist will not be able to achieve the credibility of any piece proclaiming to represent certain political, or historical, or philosophical truths. Such an artist will likely not achieve much respect or success even if his work shows talent.

America is the land of opportunity, but you have to seize that opportunity. TRiO, too, is a program of educational opportunity in education, but you have to embrace the TRiO mission and your dreams. You can be trained at any number of skills like doing hair, and that will earn you a living, but you should want more. Make it your everyday resolution that you will be an educated person...
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