What is the Denison Motto?

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Khalil White
British Lit. 4&5th

Why Denison? A common question asked by a particular college, in the evaluating essays and application profiles. Colleges can be very attractive and exuberant when it comes to recruiting students. Society proves that higher education will almost guarantee you success. Well if that’s the case, how come the unemployment rate is at 12%, or why company aren’t’s hiring people with BA or Masters Degrees. Denison is democracy to its students and community; they promote democracy as it should, “A Verb” to solve inequality in politics to all generations. Additionally according to Denison mission/motto; Denison’s purpose is to inspire and educate its students to become autonomous thinkers, discerning moral agents and active citizens of a democratic society. Good right? Well they’re different and more culturally thriving students in the world earning for excellence. Here again Denison attempts to attract both party’s of parents, and students. We envision our students’ lives as based upon rational choice, a firm belief in human dignity and compassion unlimited by cultural, racial, sexual, religious or economic barriers, and directed toward an engagement with the central issues of our time. Further more we are presented another fancy’ statement by the institution. But What Does Denison motto/mission statement really brings the table? Denison University, a small liberal arts college, is set in the proportionally small town of Granville, Ohio. From campus, students can walk to the restaurants and shops that line Granville’s main street. Bikers may enjoy the 36-mile trail that connects Granville to the nearby Ohio cities of Newark, Johnstown, and Alexandria. The state capital, Columbus, is about 25 miles away, and students can get there in the free Big Red Express shuttles, which run three days a week. All students must live on campus, unless they are married, have children, are over the age of 25, or commute from a nearby parent’s home....
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