What Is the Definition of Marketing

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  • Published : April 25, 2008
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Indeed there are many aspects of marketing which make it difficult to define. As individuals we must clearly identify marketing and its purpose. In the reading we envisage with the composers meaning and definition of marketing and we also explore the marketing concepts and processes. Cooke, Rayburn and Abercrombie’s central thesis is that definitions of marketing need to change to reflect changes to the environment. Many people come to conclude that marketing is based only as selling and advertising. That is true but what we don’t seem to acknowledge that selling and advertising are only the tip of the marketing iceberg. Over the past half century companies have sold many of their products through marketing. One of the concepts which are rarely used today is the selling concept. This concept was specifically based on selling and promoting and generating profits through sales volume. However in the 21st century organisations moved to what we call today the “marketing concept.” This concept is based on customer needs. Meeting the needs, wants and demands of customers can evidently in the end lead to profits through customer satisfaction, therefore allowing them to develop a bond and a relationship. The marketing concept plays a part of the culture that guides organisational decision making McNamara in 1972 proposed that for a firm to adopt a market orientation it must exhibit both processes and structures designed to enhance customer satisfaction. As the definition of marketing has changed over the many years we can see how each time period the definition changes in order to refocus towards the creation of value for customers and organisational stakeholders that enhance long term relationships. In 1935 the American Marketing Association defined “marketing as the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods, and services from producers to consumers.” In 2004 the AMA defined marketing as an “organisational function and a set of processed for...
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