What Is the Biggest Threat to International Security?

Topics: Tuberculosis, Malaria, Disease Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: April 15, 2011
Disease as a consequence of poverty is presently the number one issue that needs to be addressed in concern with international security for several reasons. The reality that poverty perpetuates disease and ill-health is a testament to the fact that global health security can never be achieved without first reaching the goal of poverty eradication. As we become more interconnected through increased globalization, poverty becomes not only a threat to those in third world countries, but living organisms anywhere and everywhere on the face of this planet. Disease cannot be confined by economic boundaries, although at first a disease may seem partial to impoverished areas, history has shown that affluent societies can be hit just as hard and fast by the same devastating disease that originated half way around the world. Poverty is not only the most important issue in concern with international security, but also the most important in regards to global health, environmental sustainability, and human progression. Bacteria are an ever evolving species that work to our benefit as humans as well as to our demise. The creation of new strains of fatal viruses is the simple biggest threat to world security. This is so for several reasons, first reason being that the world is structurally not ready for a pandemic of mass proportions. The global structure of health lacks sufficient recourses and planning to combat any real viral threat. If a serious outbreak were to occur a tragic amount of deaths would undoubtedly result because of the indifference of research and development firms that choose to disregard the production of vaccines for more modern medicines of material value. The second reason lies in the rapid mutation of new diseases that are spreading faster than epidemiologist can identify them. There have been several new viruses that have made great impacts in certain areas of the world just over the past decade. “At least thirty new infectious diseases have surfaced...
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