What Is the Best Way to Keep Fit and Healthy

Topics: Medicine, Nutrition, Weight loss Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: March 4, 2013
What is the best way to keep fit and healthy?

Nowadays, many people consider the best way to keep fit and healthy to be by doing exercises, going on a diet, or using preventative medicine. I do not entirely agree with this view and in this essay, I will discuss some arguments for and against this statement. On the one hand, not every person needs to do exercises regularly and go on a diet in order to be fit and healthy. For instance, many people do not have the required amount of time to go to the gym but they walk or ride a bike to work which helps them live a healthy life and lose weight. Another thing is that people who do not have enough money to visit a dietitian or the will to go on a diet can simply stay fit by being aware of what they eat and trying to reduce the intake of junk food. Furthermore, sleeping well, being calm and not undergoing stress is also a good way to live a wholesome life. On the other hand, if one considers the best way to keep fit is by doing exercises or keeping a diet he should consult himself with a specialist. For instance, if one decides to start doing physical exercises without the help of a trainer he can cause himself a trauma, sprains, strains etc. and it can even do him more harm than good. Another example is that people who decide to go on a fad diet without first taking advice from a dietitian usually reduce their weight but gain it right back again when they go back to their normal eating patterns. Last but not least, people who decide to cure or prevent themselves from illnesses by using conventional or alternative medicine without consulting with a specialist are in danger of causing themselves allergic reactions, undesired effects from the medications and it can even worsen their condition. In conclusion, I think that every human being has the right to choose for themselves which is the best way to keep fit but they should consult with the opinion of a specialist before start doing any kind of physical exercises,...
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