“What Is the Average Starting Base Salary for a Quarterback in the Nfl for the 2009 Regular Season?”

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Quarterback Salary Analysis

An analysis was conducted on the National Football League (NFL) quarterback salaries. The valuation is to ascertain the purpose of research, provide a problem definition, and hypothesize salary divergence. Furthermore, the corroboration of Team C may infer the basis of salaries for NFL quarterbacks for the regular season of 2009 in a statistical conclusion in preparation for final presentation in week four.

Purpose of Research
The purpose of the research conducted by Team C is to determine the average starting base salary (in dollars) for NFL quarterbacks for the 2009 regular season. Team C’s research is necessary to hypothesize and establish fair starting salaries for rookie quarterbacks for the upcoming drafts in 2011, while adhering to guidelines set forth by the NFL salary cap. This allows team owners to provide an equitable offer based on budget.

The NFL uses a salary cap system, to determine what teams are allowed to spend on team rosters each year. NFL players have minimum salaries set by this system and regulations that determine a player’s potential earnings based on number of years of experience, team designation, bonus amount, draft order, and position (Emen, 2012). Quarterbacks have the highest average salaries in the NFL, earning nearly $4 million each year (nflsalaries.org, 2010).

Problem Definition
“What is the average starting base salary for a quarterback in the NFL for the 2009 regular season?” Team C will accomplish this by compiling a list of 32 NFL starting quarterbacks from different teams to include their base salaries.

The statistics will be compiled to establish an average of base salaries for 32 starting quarterbacks for 2009. Variables are anything that can take on different or varying values (Sekaran, 2003); therefore Team C will arrange the data of completions vs. in-completions, draft picks, and an overall quarterback rating to determine the effects of their salary.

Salaries of the 32 quarterbacks are analyzed to reach an appropriate conclusion. Without using pertinent data for all 32 quarterbacks, Team C is unable to conclude the average starting base salaries for a quarterback entering the NFL. Each quarterback salary will be compared against other NFL quarterbacks to achieve comprehensive results, thereby providing an adequate conclusion. Measurement Scale

The scale used for this particular research question is the ratio scale. This measurement is suitable to the research in achieving final hypothesis. Sekaran (2003) stated, “Ratio scales are usually used in organizational research when exact numbers on objective (as opposed to subjective) factors are called for.”

Team C further questioned “What if an interval scale would be a viable option for research?” Albeit, Team C concluded the interval scale measure is a variable that can be prefaced on a five-point or any other number of points scale; the scale would not benefit the statistics of this research. The data being collected cannot be measured on a five or seven point scale. Research Hypotheses

Salary vs. Draft
Quarterbacks in the NFL have a wide range of base salaries. The base salary is the money paid to the player excluding any bonus and salary cap value. Base salary does not account for top performance. Players are paid incentives for completing performance goals. Also teams assign a cap value that determines the player’s importance to the team (USA Today, 2010).

The draft pick associated with these quarterbacks is based on overall draft position. One variable to the draft is each team’s requirement at the time of the draft. The NFL draft has seven rounds with thirty two picks per round totaling two hundred twenty four picks overall (Bonsor, 2000). Since the quarterback is one of most important position on the team, teams needing to improve their current quarterback position must pick the best quarterback available in the draft. The 2009 NFL regular...
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