What Is Sustainable Tourism

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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What is Sustainable Tourism?

Writer Tim Forsyth defined himself as a specialist in political approaches to environmental change and international development. He have worked on two key themes; - The politics of environmental science and policy processes, especially in rapidly developing societies     - The development of deliberative, multi-stakeholder forms of governance that can result in more development-friendly, as well as environmentally effective, policy solutions.

The article is written by Tim Forsyth, in informative tone for inform people those interested in tourism, both tourists and business owners, about how sustainable tourism really is and how can it applied into business. The main argument of the text is, the defition of sustainable tourism isn’t properly understood. For example; writers points that sus touro shouldn’t be just ecotourism which is especially focused on wildlife or nature. Ecotourism is just a one part of it. He thinks that sustainable tourism should have effort to improve all kind of tourism. There are two suggestions that is given for how can be sustainable in toursim. First is coadjuvancy between companies and the managers of destinations. Second suggestion is companies can increase their profit by following some environmental principles such as recycling waste instead of advertisement. Also the way being for companies is indicated as integration of companies, so that companies have greater control. However it can cause an obstacle for smaller companies to enter the market which reduces market competition that led increase in price. The main massage of the text is although ultimate sustainable tourism depends on providing companies to reduce to negative impacts of tourism; it requires people who are interested in tourism should think about how tourism may impact other people’s life.

World Tourism Organization defined sustainable tourism (1998) as, “Sustainable Tourism Development meets the needs of present...
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