What Is Sustainability

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1. Sustainability 1.1. What is Sustainability? 1.1.1. Growth and Consumption 1.1.2. Social Justice 1.1.3. Environmental and Social Quality 1.1.4. Ethical Frameworks 1.2. Sustainability and Organisational Behaviour 1.2.1. Human Resource Management 1.2.2. Corporate Social Responsibility 1.3. Impact of Sustainability on Motivation 1.3.1. Maslow Hierarchy’s of Needs 1.3.2. Expectancy Theory 2. Sustainability in McDonald’s Corporation 2.1. Corporate Social Responsibility in McDonald’s Corporation 2.2. Economic Responsibility 2.3. Contribution to the Community 2.4. Ethical Responsibility 2.5. Environmental Responsibility 3. Other Strategies for Sustainability 3.1. Supply Chain Strategy 3.2. Transnational Strategy| 7778889910111312131314151616171718|

Recommendations 1. Sustainable Production 1.1. Environmental Management System (Recommendation 1) 2. Sustainable Marketing 2.1. 4P(s) for the 3P(s) (Recommendation 2) 2.2. Sustainable Supply Chain (Recommendation 3) 3. Sustainable Organisation 3.1. “Change” (Recommendation 4) 3.2. Corporate Governance (Recommendation 5)| 1919192021212123| Conclusion| 25|

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This report will provide an overview on sustainability, how sustainability impacts the organisational behaviour and the importance of sustainability. McDonald’s is the main company being highlighted in this report.

The need for sustainability greatly affected an organisation’s behaviour, from its employees, managers to the entire organisation. A Triple Bottom Line approach, to which was for an organisation delivered economically, socially and environmentally, is needed for sustainable development.

There are numerous strategies and systems to attain sustainable development through sustainability in simple processes of an organisation – production, marketing, accounting and management. McDonald’s uses strategies like supply chain strategy, transnational strategy, environmental management system, 4Ps for 3Ps, change and corporate governance for sustainability.

Strategies on how McDonald’s continues to make the brand attractive to both owners and consumers, and differentiate a great company from that of a good company through fulfilling factors of economic development and responsibility, social and environmental responsibility, social justice, and ethical frameworks are further discussed.


The making of good quality of life for ‘now and future’ generations of humans and non-humans by balancing between economic success, ecology practicality and social justice was the focal point of sustainability (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2009). In other words, sustainability is to care for, preserve and improve current lifestyles and save them for the next generations (Munier, 2005). It is not only about reducing and restraining waste, but also about finding more creativity in a business.

In short, sustainability is the aptitude to meet the present needs, and this aptitude should not compromise to the needs of the next generations (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2009). To maintain sustainable development, an organisation needs to deliver economically, socially and environmentally – otherwise known as the Triple Bottom Line (Hollingworth, 2009).

Hollingworth also pinpointed the four inter-dependent elements which are required in for the organisation to be sustainable. The elements were namely, the organisation, human resource in and out of the organisation, the society as well as the environment. If one of the mentioned elements is unsustainable, complications concerning other three elements will eventually take place.

McDonald's has 32,000 restaurants which serve more than 60 million customers across 117 nations daily....
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