What Is Sucess?

Topics: Happiness, Failure, Success Pages: 7 (2732 words) Published: March 25, 2013
We, mostly referring to those, especially the young who have treaded the path filled with enigma and decisions to be made must eventually come to a halt, where the paths to success and failure lie. The fruits of success lay right before our eyes but yet out of reach. However, the devastation of failure seems so far away but is no further than a stone’s throw away. And what is success? Many of us, mainly those who are working see success as having great wealth and power, however, some see success in different ways. For example, some see having a good relationship with someone as success, some see success in helping the needy, some see success as being happy, and some even see it in having time to enjoy the little things. Considering the fact that I’m still a teenager and have not any plans for building up a family, success in my eyes is obtaining a relatively good status in society. It is better in my view to aim high initially because we will not be able to return to the past with our mea culpa. The road to success is like a busy highway, if you stop suddenly, you might get involved in an accident. Just like our lives, everything is fast paced and many of us find it painfully difficult to adapt to this kind of life. Some are not audacious enough to attempt and therefore discouraged by the stress and adversity that is to be faced in the future. Besides that, many of us happen to be victims of indolence and having the ‘Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ personality. Our unwilling and pious actions constantly draw us away from our goals. Think of our lives as a game of soccer, only without the goal posts. We would be like dogs without a leash, and sheep without a Sheppard, wandering aimlessly with no purpose at all. Now a game of soccer with the goal posts, on reflection to our lives, we set goals easily just as a soccer player sees the goal posts, but it requires lots of effort and discipline to score a goal as well as to succeed. Everything has pros and cons but not success, success is a like a rose without thorns, nothing but pure delight. In other words, success is the sobriquet for overcoming obstacles and to ameliorate an individual’s all in all performance. How then do we achieve success? There are many ways we can obtain it, and one of the ways is by giving a concentrated focus on an action we are working on. Concentration can give us an advantage in magnifying our efficiency on something that usually only produces a limited amount of result to a more augmented one. Take for an example, a student who gives a full concentration in class can well understand and absorb what is being taught than one who gives less concentration and understands less. Focused concentration on a field where we are naturally talented will also give us a head start that can gradually lead us to achieve success. A talent that we know can be practiced on and can be improved should be used to grant us opportunities that can be beneficial and rewarding, well begun is half done, bringing us a step closer to our goals. Parents should understand and know what are their children talents are so that they could start at an early age to work on it and use them to good use and plan their way to success. As said by Winston Churchill “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” We should learn through our failures to obtain an experience that will lead us to success. There is a very small chance that anyone of us can get something or to do something at the first try and get it right without failure. What about the disappointments? Failing is not always the villainy of our improvidence much can be learned from failure. By failing, we will train ourselves to work harder and execute things correctly the next time we try. Success is obtained through failure too! For example, as an athlete, winning a competition is not an easy task as there are many others who also compete, thus if failure occurs, he or she should learn from their...
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