What Is Succcess

Topics: Goal, Success, Failure Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: April 30, 2013
What is success? How do we define it, how do we measure it, is it a single achievement or is it multiple accomplishments? To me defining success is so broad to pin point and directly state so I look at success in a more self-proclaimed stand point rather than from a physical one. Success can be defined in many ways but I think ultimately it means to accomplish what one has set out to do. Success is different for everyone. Over the years I have had many failures as well as what I feel as successes, but one thing that I can say about those time that I have had success I most vividly remember what feelings I had and the emotions that came with it. I am believer of working hard to be successful. Times when I felt I had to much going on to really set out to do what I wanted to do. I felt defeated. But being successful means going through trials and tribulations. Most successful people have worked for their stability in society now. Working hard through education, employment, or whatever they are enduring will ultimately bring success. Success may be described as the realization of an aim and for the realization of any aim hard work is essential. Hard work helps us to develop our potential to the maximum and strive for excellence in any field. Hard work makes us better prepared to face adverse situations. Hard work helps an athlete to persevere in a race and win it; it helps an average student to become extraordinary, it helps to transform destinies. Success is basically about how you can turn adverse situations in your favor

When I look at today society, I only see success be measured by superficial things that are not always tangible for everyone. For instance those who are rich, beautiful, or famous by society standards are always portrayed to be successful. This notion of success says to the rest of the world that if we are not any of those things than we are not successful, and for some people being able to attain success completely define them as a human...
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